Data constitució empresa: 23/01/2017


Sector: TIC

Descripció: 1. Description:
Academialia is connecting parents, kids and schools at 1 click, empowering children during their school education by giving them more control.

2. Why is it important:
Education is something which we all are going through and is having the most impact on the future, individually and especially on an overall social level - but where we are still missing the transition from a school using outdated methodologies and mindset of a standardized education system to a school in the 21st century of a rapidly changing world.

3. The customer:
Today's typical average parents trying to combine work life with being good parents, always rushing and being concerned about the education of their kids, which leads them to look for and build self-made workaround solutions of their disconnection problem, like the famous parent's WhatApp groups.

4. Why the customer needs this to improve his/her life:
For the parents it means tranquillity and saving time - making them happy & increasing their satisfaction with the school.

For the schools it means more efficiency in organizational tasks and more importantly an improvement in their reputation.

For the kids it is a tool to control their school agenda and to receive a continuous more personalized education (tutoring etc.).

And for the community it is an improvement of the educational level (Harvard study confirming the positive impact of the implication of the family in the motivation and the grades of the kids).

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creating my next challenge in #Edtech: Founder of Academialia // german addicted to BCN since 12 yrs // Expert in Intl. Biz Development & B2B Sales in Startup // Junkie of #designthinking #digitaltransformation // looking for technical co-founder