What is 1Dia1Empresa?

The 1Dia1Empresa programme is an initiative of CINC Business Consultancy that arose from the need to support entrepreneurs in Catalonia who are at an early stage of their project.

The aim of the programme is to increase entrepreneurial capacity and encourage the creation of companies. Under the slogan "the power of ideas", the 1D1E programme is committed to building a company every working day at no cost.

Behind 1Dia1Empresa there is a team of managers who support you every day in the management of your company.

What does the 1Dia1Empresa programme include?

Being part of 1Dia1Empresa allows you to start your business on the right foot:

  • Free incorporation of your limited company
  • Free tax and accounting management and advice for 6 months.
  • Advantages in products and services for your company
  • Events and networking
  • Business training
  • Free domiciliation of your company in one of our offices
  • Free meeting rooms
  • Collaboration agreements with accelerators and financing support

Being part of the 1D1E programme allows you to set up your company's head office free of charge in 22@ Barcelona, in the centre of Girona or in Figueres.

What are the requirements for joining the programme?

1Dia1 Empresa is aimed at all those entrepreneurs with an innovative project in any sector who want to formalise the incorporation of a limited company.

The requirements to apply for the programme are:

  • Be over 16 years of age
  • Present a business plan
  • To reside or incorporate the company with tax domicile in Catalonia.
  • Contribute a share capital of 3,000 euros for the incorporation of the S.L.
  • In the case of foreign residents, the NIE must be provided.
  • Domicile the company in one of our offices in Barcelona, Girona or Figueres.

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